Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band / State Drugs Split

by Motorcycle Potluck Records

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released January 5, 2019

Lyrics and recording credits are listed on individual song pages. Click on them to learn the truth!
Layout by Rob Peters, with assistance from Eric Lease


all rights reserved


Track Name: State Drugs - Me & You vs. Everything & The World
Its like the world's got it out for you
the punches keep on coming
and even you are sick of being you
no point running
get up, get out, you gotta take it slow
when you're sinking fast,
shut up, don't shut down
don't take the easy road to nowhere fast

yeah I know you never wanted things to turn out like this
deep down you know the world just never gave a shit

how can you win a race that never stops
when you're holding what you're hauling
a constant fight against letting go
cliche's calling
I get what you're saying
but that joke's meant only for me and you
I hope that you make it, I think I know you know, I know you do

you keep tripping on the traps you set,
under the gun you're holding to your head
if you wiped the shit from both your eyes
you'd see you're your own worst enemy
Track Name: Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band - Dangerous
Dangerous when our eyes meet
the passing moment the ghostly possessing brush
the crowd is all white noise and silent
and it gets dangerous

oh, oh, oh, this ain’t a game anymore
oh, oh, oh, the key is turning in the door

Dangerous dreams and memories
your little house on Pine your porch the plaster cracks
I wanna burn it down I wanna pave it over almost as bad
as I want it back

oh, oh, oh, this ain’t a game anymore
oh, oh, oh, the key is turning in the door

Dangerous stakes and gambles
if we leap we better never ever ever look down
there’s no tomorrow in this apocalypse of hearts
so darling … what do you wanna do now?

oh, oh, oh, this is not a game anymore
oh, oh, no no no, can’t you see
You got that little key
Can’t you see it’s turning in the door
Track Name: State Drugs - Best Dude
You were always the best thing in the world,
I hope I hope I let you know
annoyingist of loyalties, reminds me where I need to be
Your name always felt like home,

Every word that's ever said may never quite sound true
but I know its meant when I say you're my best dude
as the days and weeks drive our friends out of their minds
I know that we'll be alright, just me and you tonight

If I could I'd quit my job and hang out all the time
we could hit the streets, getting full off others' piece of mind
don't look so defeated, staring at the door
If I'm leaving man, I'm coming back for sure

let the weather pass, man we'll be just fine
I'll tell you all those things I think you need to hear tonight
Dark eyes never seen a deeper shade of true
its not much, but there never was to me and you
Track Name: Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band - Midnight in Memphis
The weekend was crazy got way out of line
running around falling down chasing shots and good times
Saturday delirious, Sunday exploded
the p.a. blew up and the window was broken
on Monday we bailed out Jimmy at dawn
we rolled through Atlanta just trying to hold on
spent my last five on cheap cigarettes
kicked out the net and there’s still ten days left

Now it’s midnight in Memphis
Midnight in Memphis and no one’s around
If I close my eyes
I can hear the river washing them lonely souls down

You get to feeling like a little king in lights
they scream your name loud in the night
but you ain’t The King, you ain’t The Killer
you ain’t The Big ‘O’ you’re just some dumb sinner
a sinner whose gold turned out to be gilded
a loser who gambled whose blooming luck wilted
she left out the back she’s got a new man
pick up your guitar, boy, and get back in the van

Now it’s midnight in Memphis…
Track Name: State Drugs - 666, Blah Blah Blah
dead end scene, a so called life for dead head dreams
you're picking up what's been put down,
if all this fuss could save this town,
I'd love to hear an end to all the wars your waging
all those words you need to see, smashing the state of everything

I always thought you'd be singing better songs than this
then humming along to tune of lazy day politics

I know you're so sure, that everybody's wrong and we won't take it anymore
I hope those lines don't blur, cause getting old is killing me, not sure what's right anymore

I had a fire, swore I'd never let go out
tonight let's use the embers and burn this day inside my house
you're lost and found in well known sounds you keep repeating
is it fad or fantasy, sometimes I wonder, can you can still hear me

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